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Kid Yoga is all about stretching and strengthening in fun and creative ways. Yoga postures promote full body-mind coordination, flexibility, focus, balance, positive emotional growth, and imaginative thinking. Through guided activities and cooperative games in which everyone wins, your child will become more physically fit, expand their sense of self-awareness, and develop their self-confidence! view the schedule



Kids are natural climbers. Let’s teach them to climb safely! Kid Yoga and Vertical World Redmond have teamed up to offer classes for kids! Besides being super fun, rock climbing teaches problem solving, good decision making, and respect for others. Combined with the mind and body focus of yoga, you’ve got a well-rounded day of fun! 

Random “school’s out” days happen throughout the year and are listed at the bottom of the schedule page. Additional one and a half hour sessions can be scheduled by contacting Dana at or (425) 319-2514

*Filling out a waiver for your child is a MUST! No child can climb without a waiver signed by a parent! You can sign the waiver online here

There will be a snack provided. If your child has any special requirements concerning food, please send their snack with them.

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family yoga

Practicing yoga with your kids is a rewarding way to spend quality time together. The non-competitive nature of yoga fosters both energetic play and calming relaxation. Young and old alike will benefit from sharpened mental focus, increased flexibility, and maintenance of strong, healthy bones. And most of all, it’s fun! view the schedule


Meditation & yoga

While adult meditation is all about turning the senses inward, with kids, often the first step in meditation practice is consciously, and with focus, exploring the senses. With the  sensory overload of school, family, and internal pressures, kids need meditation and yoga as much as adults do. Meditation helps kids develop focus, regulate their own emotions, and learn how to pay attention inside and out. It gives them a sense of calm centeredness and trust in themselves. (This class is offered in combination with Art or Horticulture class.) view the schedule



In this art class children will be encouraged to develop and explore their self expression and creativity as they discover some of the many facets of art. They will become acquainted with basic art vocabulary, beginning skills, and art tools through activity based art projects.  Students will be introduced to color theory and will learn about primary, secondary, cool, and warm colors. Projects will include pencil, clay, pastels, design, watercolor, mixed media, and more. view the schedule


Tween & TEEN yoga

The tween through teen years (ages 10 & up at Discover Yoga and 12 & up at Anderson Park) are a unique time in a child’s life. A perfect time to embrace the many benefits of yoga. Yoga provides deep relaxation that helps release daily pressures and can ease physical and emotional anxieties. These classes are energetically inspiring and aim to capture imaginations, enthusiasm, and vitality! Students are encouraged to channel their energies, develop their strength and flexibility, and increase their capacity of focus. view the schedule



Gardening is a wonderful way for kids to learn about horticulture (the science of plants). Hands-on experiences of preparing the soil, experimenting with seeds, caring for plants, and harvesting the food they've grown themselves can be very rewarding! Learning about fruits and vegetables and where they come from is an interesting way to introduce healthy eating, sustainable living, and good stewardship of the earth to curious kids. (Mediation and yoga included.) view the schedule